Welcome! My name is Marcea and for years my friends have been telling me to start a blog. To get my voice out there. To show everyone what I was thinking. Well as a mom, a wife, an employee and someone who loves to read a lot I put it off. Until now!

Someone once told me I was a cornucopia of useless information – and I loved the description. I love to learn and have a bad habit of going to Wikipedia to look up obscure actors while I’m watching old movies on TCM.

As a notoriously bad speller, calling it My Cornacopia was an easy choice (in case you didn’t notice, cornucopia is correctly spelled with a ‘u’, not an ‘a’ . . . ). Funny thing is that I have a journalism degree, have worked in brand and social media marketing for over 15 years and can spot a typo almost immediately! Which helps make me a great editor : )

I’ll be focusing a lot on travel in the state of Florida. I’ve lived in different parts of the state off and on for over 25 years but haven’t taken a lot of time to explore it’s nooks and crannies. Until now! But being a cornucopia of useless info, I have a love of a lot of things so there will be posts on a lot of different things from time to time. I hope to bring a different view to a lot of subjects so sit back and enjoy!

Favorite Place I’ve Traveled: Cuba
Favorite Thing To Do While Traveling: Visit new breweries and going to local museums
Best Travel Year: 2017 – I went to Cuba (twice!), saw Hamilton on Broadway and visited the National Museum of African American History & Culture in Washington DC.
Best Travel AccessoriesMother Lode Weekender Convertible

Have questions or want to work together? Email me and let’s talk: hello@mycornacopia.com