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I’ve met a lot of people who have sites and/or blogs who’ve wanted to work or partner with a brand and I have been fortunate to work for some large brands which means a lot of requests. To help me weed through all the requests, I’ve had to come up with some parameters to help me out. After attending a blogging conference this year I’ve learned a lot of bloggers aren’t sure what companies are looking for. There are lots of factors to consider but here are a few I think are important and easy to fix:

Use a paid hosting site

Yes a free site doesn’t cost you anything (hurrah!) – but it is showing your commitment to your blog? The general thought is, it doesn’t. That’s not to say that if you’re using a free hosting site you won’t get any partnerships. But it might be limiting you. The cost for purchasing your own domain, if it’s available, is less than $5 the first year on some sites and the hosting will cost you approximately $80 a year. It’s an investment that says you’re ready to work with a Fortune 500 company!

On a similar note, use a professional email address for your blog. Again, it’s free to use Hotmail or Yahoo, but you aren’t putting a professional face on with that email and a lot of brands will notice (and don’t get me started on using an AOL address for a business!)  Add an email onto your domain name when you purchase it. Added bonus: it’s also advertising for your blog when you send out emails.

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Post regularly

Whether that’s once a week or once a month just be consistent. Posting in January and then posting again in August is a warning sign to a company that you’re not dedicated to your site and also that you probably don’t have good traction with your followers.

Make sure your social media sites are not personal pages

This is especially important on Facebook since you can get sent to ‘Facebook jail’ for using your personal page exclusively for business. A lot of people have been using their personal pages for their businesses lately because of Facebook’s algorithm limiting reach of posts. You have to pay to play on Facebook – it’s the nature of the platform. You can boost your page for as little as $5 to get more followers and for as little as $1 to boost your posts.

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Be professional

The worse thing for a brand to see is a blog or social media page that is bashing another brand. Constructive criticism is fine – no one loves every product and if there was an issue it’s fine to let your readers know. It’s also a courtesy to let the company know and give them time to rectify it before you post. And make sure you’re proofreading! Everyone makes mistakes and I can overlook a typo. But I can’t overlook multiple typos or spelling the brand’s name incorrectly (yes, I’ve seen this . . .) so make sure the info you’re posting looks good and all links go somewhere.

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How do you help build your brand through partnerships?

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