Top 5 Things To Bring To Las Vegas

After taking a business trip to Las Vegas in the middle of August, I now know what it’s like to be in a pizza oven! Coming from Florida where it’s hot but there’s moisture in the air, I was slightly uncomfortable in Las Vegas because of the weather. And because I neglected to bring a few things with me on my trip. So here’s my top five items you should bring to Las Vegas to help you out with the heat and any other things that might pop up.

Reusable Water Bottle

This is always something I bring when I travel but I especially needed it in Vegas. Coming from a place that has close to 100% humidity to a place that seemed to have had less than 25% humidity was a shock to my body. I was consuming so much water while I was there and it didn’t seem to have any affect on me. Add to that the fact that the elevation out there is above 2,000 feet and I live at an elevation of 49, I needed more water to combat that and the jet lag.

Vegas Weather in August
Temps go over 100 regularly in Las Vegas so be sure to drink lots of water

If you’ve ever been to a Las Vegas hotel you know not to drink the bottled water in the room – in fact in my hotel you couldn’t even touch the fridge because they charged you $50 if you even opened it! So my resusable water bottle came in very handy because in the hotel lobby they had water stations set up with tiny cups. I filled my reusable water bottle up in the morning, during the day and before I went upstairs at night.

Mini Bar Menu, Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas
If you forget your reusable water bottle & drink from the mini bar in Vegas, you’ll pay

In addition to that water bottle, be sure to bring some electrolyte tablets too. They come in different flavors and will help with any recovery (altitude, alcoholic or otherwise) you need to deal with.


When you’re in Las Vegas you have to have lotion. That includes a face moisturizer and a body moisturizer. Your body is made up of more than 60% water and your skin is your body’s largest organ. While you’ll be drinking a lot of extra water with your reusable water bottle, your skin will still show the ramifications of all that dry weather. So bring your moisturizer and slather it on.


There are no clocks in Las Vegas. Anywhere. The reason is because the casinos don’t really want you know how much time you’ve been at the slot machine. So you really can’t tell the change of time while you’re in one of those hotels or casinos. So wear a wrist watch. If you don’t own one buy an inexpensive watch. You might be thinking ‘I’ll just use my phone’. Well you don’t want to keep pulling your phone out all the time and some casinos and gambling tables don’t allow you to have phones out (so you don’t take pictures) so a watch is an easy solution to stay on top of things.

View of New York New York hotel

Portable Charger

So you’re in Las Vegas having a good time at the casinos, seeing shows and walking the strip. You’re taking pictures and posting to Instagram Stores and Facebook . . . and realize you only have 15% left on your cell phone! There aren’t a lot of electrical outlets to be found in Vegas to get a charge so be sure to carry a portable phone charger. There are many varieties and some will charge a large phone many times. But that’s not what you need for your Vegas trip. Select something that’s light weight and will keep you with power just til you get back to your hotel room. The portable phone chargers work with iPhones and Androids – just remember your charger cord as well.

Cash In Small Bills

Nowadays we’re not used to carrying cash and if you do you might not have lots of smaller bills. In Vegas you need the smaller bills. Not only will you be tipping your waitresses, cocktail servers in the casino and the hotel housekeepers (you do tip your maids, don’t you??) but if you want to gamble at one of the tables, they don’t give you change. So if you want to bet $10 and only have a $20 bill, you’re betting $20. I found that out the hard way. Also the ATM machines out there charge a lot for a transaction – I saw one that charged $8 to take money out. And you can get an advance on your credit card via a machine but that’s never a good idea. So bring those smaller bills with you.

Slot Machines
Have you been to Las Vegas and have a suggestion on what else you shouldn’t forget on your trip?               Share below in the comments with us!

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  1. Kendall Dickinson

    25th Jan 2020 -

    Cash in small bills is a smart idea! I’ve never been, but plan to soon – I’ll keep that one in mind.

  2. Audrey

    24th Jan 2020 -

    Very helpful tips! We stayed at the Luxor and the mini- fridge charges were eye-opening. Water and lotion are great suggestions because it was so dry and warm even in early March.

  3. Maggie

    24th Jan 2020 -

    I’ve never been to Las Vegas but its so true about how much drier it is anywhere out west!! I spent a semester in Colorado and went through Lord knows how many bottles of lotion haha. Good to know about the cash in small bills tip!

  4. Jamie Italiane

    21st Jan 2020 -

    What kind of water bottle do you love? I am obsessed with my Contigos as I like really cold water.

    • Marcea Cazel

      23rd Jan 2020 -

      I like a HydroFlask but understand that they’re really expensive so not for everyone. My next choice is the HydroCell which is a nice less expensive option (it’s the one I hyperlinked in the article).

  5. Susan Ferrier

    19th Oct 2019 -

    Great tips in the form of a list. Super handy!! And helpful.

  6. Patricia M.

    29th Sep 2019 -

    Thanks for sharing these awesome tips. I totally agree with all of them, specially the small watch one.

  7. Rina

    28th Sep 2019 -

    These are all great ideas! I’d add bring extra vitamins or an anti-hangover packet because….you know….it’s Vegas

    • Marcea Cazel

      28th Sep 2019 -

      Yes! Good ones to add to the list. Electrolytes work well for me but I should have added Activated Charcoal too for stomach issues.

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