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Anyone who knows me well knows that I LOVE music. Insanely love music. My mom says that when I was a baby she’d come into my room and I’d be standing in the crib singing. That’s not to say I’m a good singer, because I’m really not. But I could care less (even though I dream of being a backup singer like one of the singers featured in 20 Feet from Stardom) – music makes me happy and that’s all I’m in it for. I have an long commute to work which means I listen to a lot of music so I though why not make a list of songs that make me sing?

I made a few rules for myself. I had to listen to the songs all in one setting. If I drove to work and made a partial list, I wouldn’t continue the list when I drove home. I would keep the number of songs to just 5 because it could get crazy. I had to listen to at least 75% of the song for it to make the list. The songs have to be on the radio, not one of my CDs (so no Hamilton: The Musical songs, unfortunately, on these lists).  And the song has to make me dance in my seat.

I listen to a wide variety of music; my car radio is preset to old school hip hop, classic rock, current pop and easy listening. So I get a lot of choices, which means you’ll see some lists that might be pretty mismatched. But that’s pretty much my musical style – a little mismatched, a little schizophrenic and a lot of fun! Remember these aren’t necessarily my favorite songs or something that I would pick out of the air – they’re just things that made me want to grab the mic on the day I heard them. So here’s my list for last week:

2 Legit 2 Quit – Hammer

This song came out when I was in college. MC Hammer was the king of hip hop dance music in the early ’90’s. His songs made everyone dance and want to wear harem pants. I think out of all of his songs this is my favorite because it was so different from his other ones. Every time I hear it I still do the hand moves : )

Happy – Pharrell

I love this song because it’s silly and catchy. It’s one of those weird songs like Don’t Worry Be Happy that catches your attention and never lets it go. I know some people can’t stand it – but it makes me (sorry!) happy!

Do You Believe In Love – Huey Lewis And The News

This isn’t my favorite Huey Lewis And The News song by a long shot. And after looking at the rather odd video (why are there 6 guys staring at a sleeping woman – that’s not in the song!) it’s still not. However this song, which looks like it came out when I was 10 (!!) is catchy and fun so it made me stop and sing along.

Somebody To Love – Queen

Queen. I really didn’t realize how much I loved them until about 15 years ago, quite a few years after Freddie Mercury had passed away. In fact this song was released in the mid-70’s and I have no reason to believe that I would have heard it then. There’s just something about this song that I adore. I also like to joke around and change the words to different things I would like to find to love. As sad as the lyrics make it seem, this song always makes me stop and sing along.

All About That Bass – Meghan Trainor

Another of those songs that some people love to hate. Not me! I’m not someone who the song is aimed at but love the musical references (“no treble”) and the sassy-ness of it. Plus I really enjoy Meghan’s voice.

Which songs make you want to sing out loud?

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