5 Reasons I Love Traveling To Havana

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People are surprised when they hear I went to Havana, Cuba for the first time and then returned 4 months later. Their first question is usually ‘How did you like it?’ and their second question in ‘Why did you go back so quickly?’ There are a lot of reasons I went back so soon, but here are the top 5 reasons why I love Havana:

It’s Easy To Get ToTaking a flight from Havana, Cuba to Florida is quick and easy! #travel #flying #Cuba

My flight takes the same amount of time it takes me to commute to work every day. Yes, you read that correctly – the time it takes me to drive from my home to my office is the same time it takes me to take a flight to Cuba. How can I pass that up?! The entire process is simple and may airlines including Southwest and JetBlue fly to a variety of cities in Cuba.


Architecture in Havana, Cuba is beautiful and yes, you can still see the 1950's American cars on the road! #travel #Cuba #Havana

Havana is a great place to see a lots of architecture. Driving through the streets is like taking a step back in time. I love seeing the old buildings. There are some buildings that have been ignored and are deteriorating. But the Cuban government is working on preserving a lot of these old buildings.  That way later generations will be able to to appreciate them.

They Pronounce My Name Correctly!

It may not seem like a big deal, but it was fun not having anyone ask me how to pronounce my name! In the U.S. people have always asked how to say my name – in Cuba everyone said it the way it’s intended. I didn’t even notice until I got back to the States but it was just another reason for me to love Havana!

BTW my name is of Jamaican origin. The correct pronunciation is MAR-see-a. I’ve told people since kindergarten it was Mar-SEE-a because it made it easier for others to understand. You’ll know how long someone has known me by the way they pronounce my name : )


Mojitos were invented in Cuba and they're fairly inexpensive to drink down there. #mojitos #Cuba

Rumored to have been created in Havana, you can find a mojito at any bar. Citrusy, sugary and refreshing, the mojito is perfect on a hot day. It’s also fairly inexpensive to drink while there (you can find basic ones for about $2.75), come in a variety of flavors and it’s easy to make one of your own when you get home.

The People

The Cuban people are very helpful and enjoy sharing their country with visitors. If you’re not fluent in Spanish (like me), you can download an app like Google Translate to help. Make sure you download it before you get there. The wifi is very spotty (and can be expensive!) No one looked at us oddly for not being fluent in Spanish. Some even wanted to practice their English with us.

Those are just some of the reasons I love Havana – where are some places you love to travel to?

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  1. Ara K.

    23rd May 2018 -

    Cuba was #1 on my bucket list and definitely didn’t disappoint. The Cuban people are genuinely friendly and its evident they don’t want anything from you … not seeking “tips” or favors. Having traveled much of the world .. Caribbean, Europe, Far East .. I’m left with a longing to see more of the beautiful country of Cuba. La musica es numero uno. Can’t beat the coffee and rum either.

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